Pregnancy sectionOptimal care during pregnancy does not necessarily include ultrasounds, prenatal care through a medical careprovider and the usual battery of tests. It is up to each individual woman to consider the evidence at hand and make decisions regarding her own care within her preferred health paradigm. Here you can find information on free pregnancies. Read more

Childbirth sectionOptimal outcomes for childbirth are more often than not, found in the home environment. This includes the experiences of women, babies, and their families. A woman's experience is important to consider in the overall process of physiological childbirth as it carries the potential to impact the birthing process. Here you can find more information on freebirthing. Read more

Support sectionOptimal support for families can mean a number of things. For some families, it may be sufficient to hire a doula, while others find interaction with other freebirthers vital. This section discusses support in all its guises, including how children can be supported. There is also a community forum available and registration is required to participate. Read more


>>Birth Politics - the political component of personal struggles

>>Mediawatch - homebirth, freebirth and relevant media

>>Legal Issues - birth registration, certificates, DOCS, laws

>>The Freebirth Forums - coming soon!



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