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About Freebirth Australia

Freebirth Australia began in 2004, under the name Purebirth Australia as an information resource for women like myself who wanted to birth at home but not necessarily have a midwife present.

In late 2009, the site took a brief sojourn for the purpose of reviewing how information was presented to readers. Unfortunately life got in the way so this sojourn was not so brief! Thanks to a two-month break in 2011, much of the revisions got done and Purebirth Australia is now back as Freebirth Australia.


About Me


Bio: I am a single mother of 4 homebirthed children, currently studying social science at university. I am a feminist and strong advocate for women's rights, and as such support midwifery, homebirth, and informed choice. I have doula and childbirth educator qualifications and have attended both homebirths and freebirths for emotional support.

Births: I have gone from midwife attended homebirth, to a freebirth with my then-partner present, to a solo family birth as a single mother with only my children present. My most recent freebirth was another family birth.

My Works: Freebirth Australia is a part of my works. Other works such as articles, domestic violence and magazine publishing are available via the menu at the very top of each page. The views represented in my work are indicative of the many journeys I am on, but not a complete and whole representation of me.