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Choosing Free Pregnancy

By Lisa Morgan

Henna belly art from Meg Fraser

Not all freebirthers will choose to opt for a free pregnancy. It is possible to get prenatal care via other routes such as Australia's public hospital system and its team-midwifery care, or through an independent midwife; then staying at home to freebirth.

On the other hand, women who decide on a free pregnancy usually do so for the same reasons they choose freebirth. On the other hand, some women choose free pregnancies to avoid the stress of (s)careprovider (s)care.

There are also women may not be able to access their independent midwife until closer to birth (e.g. a travelling midwife), and so have a free pregnancy until then.

A free pregnancy can also comprise of multiple approaches - see here for some of the different paradigms used.

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