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Website List

This is a list of websites to sate the freebirthing woman who thirsts for knowledge, photos, stories, and connections with other freebirthers!

Freebirth specific

Jeannine Parvati Barker's freebirth vision

Unassisted Childbirth - Laura Shanley

Birth Junkie - Charity's website

Unassisted Homebirth - Lyn Griesemer

Unhindered Living - UC stats

Unassisted Birth / Freebirth Facebook page

Emergency Childbirthing - why women should know about freebirth!


Some YouTube freebirths;

The unassisted birth of Jason Shawn

Clio's Freebirth

Giorgio Pradriac's freebirth

2 hour freebirth clip


Web Articles

A list of online articles worth reading.

Fish can't see water : The need to humanise birth in Australia - an article written by Marsden Wagner, former head of the World Health Organisation.


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