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Free Pregnancy: What is it?

By Lisa Morgan

This is a pregnancy where the mother does not have routine prenatal care from a medical practitioner (regardless of said practictioner's registration status). Care is sought out when circumstances warrant it. This is also known as unassisted pregnancy, pure pregnancy or unhindered pregnancy.

Here are some paradigms which freebirthers may approach pregnancies from;

1. Medical Paradigm;

The pregnant woman engages in their own prenatal care. Blood pressure, weight, fetal heart tones, fundal height, protein tests and such are carried out. If a problem occurs, diagnosis is sought, and conventional medical treatments such as iron tablets or antibiotics are used.

2. Natural Health Paradigm;

The pregnant woman engages in natural health care. This may include taking red raspberry leaf, B vitamins, Flurodix, chlorophyll, nettle, alfalfa, red clover and so on. Natural healing models are used for supportive, preventive and curative aids. If a problem occurs, the pregnant woman self-diagnoses, or seeks out diagnosis via alternative health providers. Natural treatments are used.

3. At One with Oneself Paradigm

Pregnancy is seen as a normal state of being. Life is carried on as one typically would live, attending to bodily needs as they arise. The change in need is acknowledged and catered for rather than ignored until it becomes too pressing. Most strive to live well, meeting needs of food, water, relaxation, sleep and exercise as is indicated by their bodies. If a problem occurs, the pregnant woman tends to it if she has the knowledge to do so. If not, outside supports are sought.

As you can see, each paradigm is not rigid in application, most women find themselves utilising a range of paradigms according to their own lifestyle and practices. For more information on different approaches to Choosing Freebirth see the said link.

I uphold that individuals are capable of making decisions about their own care regardless of if they have a care provider or not. Ultimately, the responsibility for their own personal health and wellbeing falls upon the individual solely, as it is the individual who alone will deal with the consequences of any decisions made or actions taken. I believe that committed mothers will always make decisions which best suit themselves and their babies.

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