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What is Freebirth?

By Lisa Morgan

Freebirth photo thanks to Illithyia Inspired

Freebirth is a homebirth without a midwife in attendance. It is a birth with no medical professional in attendance, who is trained to direct the birth process.

There has been some debate in freebirth circles over whether a doula supported birth could be considered a freebirth or not. The general consenus seems to be that yes, it is a freebirth, as doulas do not participate in birth from a medical viewpoint. They do not take blood pressure, monitor heart rates, check dilation, or observe the birthing process from a detached, clinical viewpoint. Futhermore, they do not direct the birthing woman, or tell her how to birth.

A freebirth is an opportunity for an unhindered birth, where the process of giving birth is respected for what it is - a biological function of the female body. Like animal birth, human birth requires a quiet, safe place to birth undisturbed.

There are many reasons to freebirth as there are to not freebirth. For more insight into what freebirth is about, check out Freebirth, by a Freebirther.


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