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Roadside Births


It is interesting the news is full of unplanned unattended (by medical professionals) births, where women are not criticised for having unattended births. Even more interesting is how both mother and baby turn out fine - even those scheduled for caesarean due to breech positions!!

Kinda makes you wonder why planning a freebirth is so much more dangerous than birthing unprepared in a car or on the side of the road.

20 Jan 2012 - Car birth surprises

20 Jan 2012 - Roadside birth for baby Matias

9 Dec 2011 - Rush-hour delivery stops traffic as woman gives birth on busy Kings Way

24 Sept 2011 - Meet the rush hour bub, Luke - Born in the back of a van. Cairns Weekend Post, p. 17. See excerpt below:

Mr Hoskins said Jenny had intermittent contractions but one suddenly broke her waters and they jumped in the van for Cairns Private Hospital.

But in peak-hour traffic and with Jenny wanting to push, they knew they would not make it.

Friend Trevor Burns was driving and pulled over and called for an ambulance while his wife Estelle shielded Jenny from passer-by's with a towel.

"I was getting ready to catch the baby," Mr Hoskins said.

"The adrenalin was definitely pumping but I was very concerned if there was any type of medical need, we were not equipped. Then we heard the ambulance coming, it was a relief to me and to Jenny."

"We had about 90 seconds and there wasn't any time to move from the van, so she had the baby in the van."

21 July 2011 - Postie arrives with the delivery

23 May 2011 - Ferntree Gully baby born roadside

19 Mar 2011 - Roadside birth goes without a hitch


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